Nuremberg-Style Tribunals for Global Warming Deniers

In a recent post, I speculated that the global warming advocates would not mind me calling them “kool-aid drinkers” since they use the emotionally charged term of “global warming deniers” to castigate their opponents. Well it turns out that some of the global warming alarmists are a lot more serious about their association of global warming denial with the Holocaust than I expected. The actually want war crime trials for those who won’t get on board with their beliefs.

Global Warming and the Gay, Vegetarian College Professor from Denmark

Global warming “denier” – this is the emotionally laden term that the global warming kool-aid drinkers have decided to use in their propaganda war against dissenters from global warming orthodoxy. Now one of the global warming skeptics has become so troublesome that the kool-aid drinkers are going after him like the Inquisition.

Worried to Death about Debt

George Barna, the pollster who specializes in comparing the attitudes of evangelical Christians in the U. S. to those of Americans in general, has released some new research. The research tells us that Americans, both believers and unbelievers, are worried sick about debt. But indebtedness today is really not much different than it has ever been.

Sub-Prime Loans and Sub-Prime Journalism

I was driving along in my SUV the other day, happily emitting carbon (from the vehicle, that is) and doing my small part to warm the planet, when I heard yet another report on the radio about the sub-prime mortgage “meltdown”. Is it a meltdown? Many statistics indicate otherwise.